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Sparrow Wallet is an open-source project that acts as a digital desktop wallet for Bitcoin. It connects with the user’s node and runs from their desktop or laptop. The wallet is designed to help users manage their unspent transaction output (UTXO) in a transparent yet secure manner.

Sparrow Wallet Features

Sparrow Wallet supports Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBTs) and single sig and multisig wallets. Hardware wallets can also be supported and imported via USB or from files. It can be run in testnet or signet and configured using an output descriptor. Sparrow also supports importing and exporting Electrum wallets. Users can download the wallet and follow the signup wizard that pops up for instructions. They can use a public or private Electrum server or a private Bitcoin core node.

Users can see their transaction history by using Sparrow. The wallet creates simple tables that show information such as the date of a transaction, its label and value, and the balance in the wallet. There is also a tool that can show users how to optimize their UTXOs and reduce fees. This feature allows users to edit all transaction metadata in the editor.

Whether you prefer a standard wallet or want to enhance security through multisig configurations, Sparrow Wallet is able to provide both. It supports various script types commonly used in Bitcoin transactions, providing flexibility and compatibility.

Who created Sparrow wallet?

With Sparrow Wallet, you can rest assured knowing that it was developed by Craig Raw, an esteemed programmer, dedicated Bitcoin enthusiast, and strong advocate for multisig technology. The whole development of Sparrow Wallet is supported throught donations.

Sparrow Wallet operates on a donation-based model and lacks traditional customer service or a forum. However, a vibrant Telegram community with thousands of users offers valuable support and assistance, free of charge.

Is Sparrow Wallet Safe?

Sparrow Wallet is an open-source Bitcoin software wallet and is freely available to users and is licensed under the Apache 2 software license. This ensures that you have complete access to the code and can verify its security and integrity. The wallet is maintained by a dedicated collective of professionals and enthusiasts who prioritize safety and privacy.

To further enhance privacy protection, Sparrow Wallet offers built-in Tor integration. By leveraging the power of Tor, your transactions and connection details are shielded from prying eyes, providing an extra layer of anonymity.

Device Support

The below table lists what devices and features are supported for each device.
Please also see docs for additional information about each device.